Amino acids in bodybuilding: features, influence on the body, role in pumping muscles

Amino acids are the constituent parts of proteins (proteins). Amino acids play a vital role in the vital activity of the body, as they are directly involved in the synthesis of many hormones, antibodies and enzymes. In addition, amino acids are used for muscle growth and recovery.

In total, there are 20 amino acids, 9 of which are irreplaceable and the rest are replaceable. There are also amino acids that are not part of the protein structure, but also involved in metabolism – taurine, carnitine, ornithine and GABA.

It is hardly possible to overestimate the role of these substances in the life of an athlete, as they participate in everything related to physical exertion – muscle recovery, suppression of catabolic processes, activation of muscle growth. A special role among amino acids is occupied by BCAA, of which almost 35% are muscle. They have a pronounced anti-catabolic effect and a whole series of beneficial effects. That is why the amino acids BCAA have long been produced as a separate food supplement.

Why do we need amino acids? Any physical activity of medium intensity results in the consumption of up to 80% of all free amino acids in the body, so timely replenishment is a strategically important issue that directly affects the effectiveness of training and the increase in muscle mass.

  • Source of energy – amino acids are split and consumed differently than carbohydrates, and therefore a timely replenished supply of amino acids will give much more energy.
  • Acceleration of protein synthesis. The mechanism of action of amino acids is associated with the activation of insulin production and mTOR , which is one of the basic biochemical conditions for muscle growth. In addition, the amino acid is the main building material for muscle tissue.
  • Suppression of catabolism . This property allows the use of amino acids immediately after training, as well as during the drying or weight loss.
  • Burning fat. It occurs due to the expression of leptin in adipocytes by means of mTOR.

With regard to the optimal dosage, it is desirable that a single serving is not less than 5 grams. In this case, the maximum anabolic response is observed when using doses of 10-20 grams at a time. Many manufacturers of sports nutrition deliberately underestimate the dosage to increase the cost of their products. In any case, choose such a single dose to the amount of amino acids in it was at least 5 grams (better 10-20).

Amino acids can be combined with other products of sports nutrition, but not with each of them they can be mixed. It is not recommended to take amino acids along with protein, geynerom , substitutes for food and food, as this significantly reduces the rate of their assimilation.

What are amino acids in bodybuilding? If the protein is the building material of the body, then the amino acids are the constituents of the protein. They are extremely useful for muscle growth, both during the recruitment period and during drying . Promote a speedy recovery of muscles after training .

amino acids in bodybuilding

In sports nutrition, amino acids stand apart from the protein, so they have a higher rate of absorption, and this is required supplements for muscle growth after and during training, and also in the morning.

Amino acids during exercise are converted into energy in a different way, unlike carbohydrates, which is very effective in training if the amino acid pool is full. If you are dieting or doing intensive workouts, the blood glucose level is reduced, there is not enough glycogen, and catabolic processes that destroy the muscles are included . In this case, take amino acids after exercise is mandatory! This especially applies to BCAA (valine, isoleucine, leucine), with a lack of calories, the post-exercise should be at least 10 grams.

Some researchers doubt the need to take amino acids after training to fill the carbohydrate window . In their opinion, the reason is simple – simple carbohydrates, in the form of, for example, fructose ( banana, etc.) eat faster and more pleasantly, and most importantly cheaper. And after the main meal, not having the body not only simple, but also complex carbohydrates, you can take amino acids. This rule is positioned to build muscle mass.

British scientists have conducted research that found that amino acids after exercise, taken in doses of 5 to 15 grams, stimulate the burning of fat tissue, the expression of latin as a result of the metabolism of mTOR.

Some manufacturers of amino acids to increase the price of the product deliberately reduce the weight of the portion. Therefore, when choosing it is worth paying attention to the composition written on the package with the goods.

However, their main disadvantage is the too high price and small calculated dosages in the package. For example, the recommended dose of amino acids from the manufacturer Dymatize is 4 tablets or 4.8 grams of amino acids per serving, which is very small. On the other hand, if the financial side of the issue is of little concern to you, you can take 10 grams 4 times a day and get the maximum results from the reception.