Diagram of exercises with dumbbells for men and women



Dumbbells favorably differ from other sports equipment by their versatility. They are suitable for men and women, they can be used in the hall or at home. And, by conducting regular training with dumbbells for men and girls, you easily pump a large number of muscles. The main thing is to alternate loads do not forget about other effective physical exercises.

Advantages of shells

Agree, with the help of simple dumbbells you can “load” and make work, if not all, then certainly a huge number of muscles. It is difficult to list absolutely all exercises that can be performed using such sports equipment.

Dumbbells are very convenient because they can be used both in the gym and at home. This explains their high popularity among fans of home training.




For today in the market of the sports goods it is possible to find the most different variants of shells. An important option that significantly affects the price of goods – the ability to adjust the weight. Collapsible dumbbells are much more expensive than simple ones.

Thanks to this, regardless of gender or age, everyone can train with them. If you are a beginner athlete, then set a small weight. And, if you have a good physical preparation, then throw a pair of pancakes and you can start practicing.

In this article you will not find complex and impossible actions with dumbbells. But some of them require a bench or chair.

For leg muscles


An excellent basic exercise is the classic squats. In their favor, there is no doubt, as neither bodybuilders, nor powerlifters.

Classical  squats are performed as follows:

Legs should be placed shoulder width or slightly wider. Taking dumbbells in your hands, start to crouch slowly.

On inhalation you need to sit down to a parallel to the floor, and on exhalation you must return to the starting position.

Squatting below 90 degrees to the floor, you can also load gluteal muscles.

The number of approaches is from 3 to 5. The number of repetitions is from 10 to 15.


dumbbell exercises


Basic development of pectoral muscles

The bench press

This exercise will require a little preliminary preparation. It is necessary to put the bench at an angle of about 30-40º. It is also recommended to fix it firmly so that it does not stagger. Lie down on the bench, putting your feet on the floor comfortably.

In the starting position, your elbows should be below or level with the bench. Next, raise your hands up while exhaling. Slowly inhaling the air, return to the starting position.

Outwardly this should resemble the usual bench press bar. Make sure that your hands are always on the same level with each other.

The number of approaches is from 3 to 5. The number of repetitions is from 8 to 12.

Working out the top of the chest

The first exercise is performed while standing on the floor. Place your feet shoulder width apart. With both hands, take a dumbbell and pull your arms forward at shoulder level. Start pulling the dumbbell to your chest, bending your arms in the elbows. Then go back to the starting position.

The second exercise is called scissors. Perform it standing up, putting your feet on the width of your shoulders. Straighten your hands in front of you with dumbbells and alternately perform overlap. For example, first, draw your right hand over the left, and then vice versa.

The number of approaches is 3-5. The number of repetitions is 8-12.

Strengthening the back

Thrust dumbbell

To perform the exercise, you need a horizontal bench. Performing approaches is necessary, alternating hands.

First, the knee of the right foot and the right hand rest on the bench. We bend the left leg slightly at the knee and place it on the floor. We lower the left hand and dumbbell down.

We start pulling the dumbbell to the waist, taking off the shoulder blades. After 10-15 repetitions with the left hand, we change the arm, rearranging the legs on the contrary.

The number of approaches is 3-5. The number of repetitions is 10-15.


Exercise is performed while standing, legs should be slightly narrower than the width of the shoulders. In the initial position, hands with dumbbells should be completely lowered down.

On exhalation, using the trapezius muscles of the back, lift the shoulders to the ears. In the highest position, stop for 2-3 seconds. Do not bend your hands.

On inhalation, slowly lower your shoulders to the starting position. And start the exercise again. At performance it is not necessary to become on socks, to be shaken or jump up, helping itself due to inertia – it will steal a part of loading from target muscles.

It will be enough to make 3-4 approaches for 15-20 repetitions.


exercises with dumbbells


Preventing injuries

Follow the following rules that can protect you from injury:

  1. Preheat well before each workout. Pay attention to all the muscles and joints during warm-up.
  2. Each exercise must be carried out, observing the correct technique. Any deviation from it can lead to sad consequences.

As a rule, it is recommended to perform from three to five approaches of each exercise, carrying out 6-10 repetitions.

Your studies at home or in the gym should be based on your level of preparation: for beginners, the best option is to conduct classes at intervals of 1-2 days – this is due to the slow rate of recovery of muscle fibers in beginners. More advanced athletes can afford to practice 5 times a week or even more often.

You can work out each group of muscles with the help of certain sets of dumbbell exercises. They must be carried out clearly, observing all recommendations. If you adhere to the correct order of training, then you can accurately load the right muscles and not involve other areas of the body.

This is not the whole list of possible exercises that can be performed with dumbbells at home. But they are enough to build a strong body.

As exercises are performed, it is recommended to gradually increase the weight of dumbbells. This number of approaches and repetitions is relative. Everyone must set the load independently, depending on the level of physical fitness.

What are the useful exercises with dumbbells

Complexes of dumbbell exercises are quite diverse. So, regular training with dumbbells will help strengthen the muscles of the back and chest, improve the relief of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, acquire a beautiful posture. Also, you can lead the body to tone and burn extra calories without going to the gym: after all, everything you need for classes is at home, the main thing is not to be lazy, because you can always find 10-15 free minutes for training with dumbbells at home.