How to pump abdominal muscles at home? Exercises for the lower press



We all want to look beautiful. I want to have a flat stomach, a beautiful press, a slim figure. And this is possible, but there is only one problem – “mother laziness.” Yes, it’s laziness that separates us from the chic figure that we all so dream about. After all, for a slender figure, for a beautiful press you need to work hard and usually, as soon as we begin to train hard, it is already here. … And then after a while we try to start all over again, and already as lucky, everything ultimately decides everything strength of will. After all, only thanks to it you can go to the end and do not abandon the exercises ….

How to pump abdominal muscles at home? – the question is relevant for guys and girls, especially on the eve of or the height of the beach season. Pumped lower press will not leave indifferent the opposite sex, because it is really very beautiful!

To successfully and quickly pump the bottom press at home, you need to adhere to the formula: proper nutrition + training (power and cardio) = pumped lower press. None of the components of the formula can not be ignored, otherwise nothing will come out. The press you pumped up, if you train hard, but under the layer of fat, unfortunately, no one will notice if you eat wrong. Below you will find the basic principles of nutrition and the best exercises on the lower press at home.


abdominal muscles


How to eat  to pump abdominal muscles

  1. Calculate your calorie rate.
  2. 1/3 of the food taken should be a source of protein and a 2/3 source of carbohydrates. Fats should be useful, mostly vegetable.
  3. Drink enough water – at least 2 liters per day.
  4. There are often (6 times a day) in small portions. Be sure to have breakfast.

How to pump the abdominal muscles – exercises

If you periodically swing the press, you probably noticed that the bottom press is harder to pump than the upper one. This is due to the fact that the lower part of the straight muscle is much thicker than the fat layer, there are fewer nerves, and the main load in daily life and during training is on the upper part of the muscle. However, if you do special exercises for the lower press, there will also be cubes in the course of time. The best exercises for inflating the lower press at home are presented below.

1. Back torsion

A popular and effective exercise on the lower press. Lay down on the floor, hands along the trunk. Raise your legs up, perpendicular to your torso. Tear off the pelvis from the floor and stretch your hips to your chest, without bending your legs. Try to tear off the pelvis only with the help of the muscles of the press. Return your legs to the “perpendicular to the trunk” position. Reverse twisting can also be done with knees bent at the knees. Number of repetitions: 2-3 approaches 10-20 times

2. Raising the legs from a prone position

Another popular exercise for pumping the lower press. Lay down on the floor, hands along the trunk (or behind the head). Raise your legs to the “perpendicular to the trunk” position, then slowly lower it, but not until the end. Beginners should do this exercise with knees bent at the knees in order to reduce the load on the lower back. Number of repetitions: 2-3 approaches 10-20 times.

3. The bicycle

Lying on the floor, clasp your hands behind your head. Alternately, drag the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa. In this case, the free leg should be straightened and parallel to the floor. This is a very good exercise, with which you can pump at home not only the lower, but also the upper press and oblique abdominal musclesNumber of repetitions: 2-3 approaches 10-20 times.

4. Scissors

An exercise familiar to all since childhood on the lower press. You need to lie on your back, hands along or under the waist. Raise your legs 10 cm above the floor. Make wide swings with your feet in the horizontal plane, as if you are cutting with scissors. Do not lift the head. Do the exercise as soon as possible as many times as you can. Number of repetitions: 2-3 approaches.

5. Lifting the legs in the vise on the horizontal bar. The best exercise on the bottom press!


abdominal muscles exercises


You need a bar to execute it. The essence of the exercise is to raise the legs (straight or bent) above the level of the pelvis. Remember, the higher you raise your legs, the more you can pump the lower press.

So, grab your hands over the crossbar. With a powerful movement, raise your knees bent at the knees, trying to reach your knees to your chest. Hold for a few seconds and slowly lower your legs. Over time, complicate the exercise and lift the straight legs. During this exercise, try to avoid swaying the body. Number of repetitions: 2-3 approaches.

You can perform all the exercises on the lower press, and choose two or three. Start with training 2 times a week and gradually bring up to 3-4 times. Do not forget to do exercises on the upper press.

Do cardio to pump the exercise on the bottom press

To ensure that the cubes of the press are well developed, in addition to the strength exercises described above, perform cardio workouts. Then you will not leave any chance of fat in the lower abdomen. Here is one of the best cardio workouts. It can be done, for example, from morning to breakfast.

To pump a beautiful press, you need to pay attention to both the upper and lower press. Now we will analyze a number of exercises for the lower press.


  • If you want to have a flat stomach, the level of subcutaneous fat should be 7-9%, and the fat fold on the stomach should not exceed one centimeter. Well, in order to lose weight, you need to start not with training, but with proper nutrition.
  • A beautiful and harmonious figure begins with proper nutrition, and proper nutrition starts with a full breakfast. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.