Nutritional supplements in bodybuilding

Agree, pros and amateurs train and different modes. And if so, is it worth it for amateurs to take for a sample dietary programs of the pros, in particular, to copy their habits with regard to sports nutrition? Dietitians are convinced that lovers have their own wedding. The amateur spends a lot more nervous energy at work and in the family, well, professionals only do that they train. So in the foreground the amateur has an increase in the eternally low neuropsychic tone, and not the loading of chemistry. Second: the amateur feeds irregularly, which means chronic interruptions not only with protein, but also with carbohydrates, fats and vitamins.

They say that creatine is useless. Like, the weight of creatine only grows due to the accumulation of fluid in the muscle tissue, but muscle tissue itself does not react to creatine. Do not believe it! Yes, water comes in the muscles, but it’s good! According to science, its amount in your muscles is directly proportional to the growth potential. Dehydrated muscles are not strong. Creatine is not steroids; and grows muscle through an indirect effect. Punctual administration of creatine is always “molded” by muscle growth.


Doctors do not advise to “fill” with creatine on an empty stomach – only with food. Moreover, any food stimulates the secretion of insulin, and it improves the absorption of creatine. Pour or interfere with creatine in the dish is not necessary. Just half an hour after eating, drink an aqueous solution of creatine. Pumping practice insists that creatine should be taken immediately after training. Contrary to the rule – on an empty stomach. Tired exhausted muscles seem to absorb the creatine like a sponge. Science is still silent on her account. Want to – check for yourself.

Do not take creatine with caffeine. If you “sit” on caffeine “fat burners”, the effect of creatine will be “killed” completely. Reducing the dose will not help. Even half the daily dose of “fat burner” is enough to make the reception of creatine meaningless. The same must be said with respect to coffee. If you are a caffeine, creatine is not for you. But tea creatine is not dangerous.

Food substitutes

You just returned from training, and an hour later a date. There is no time for cooking. How to be? It was necessary to stock up in advance the so-called. “power substitute.” It is sold in bags and is a powder mixture of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts. All in an optimal balanced amount. The energy intensity of one sachet is usually 300-350 calories. One meal “pulls” 600 calories, so at a time the bodybuilder must “eat” two packets. For a light snack, one packet will fit. The contents are bred in milk or juice. If you sit on a diet and carefully monitor the energy balance, then in the water. Any nonsense about the fact that this, they say, powder “chemistry”, do not listen. No side effects have substitutes for food. Furthermore, they can completely replace natural products – you will be healthier. Substitutes of food do not contain potentially carcinogenic substances, which are stuffed with products in supermarkets.

The purpose of this type of product is clear from the name, but in bodybuilding and fitness it is used to solve two more, extremely complex tasks. Here’s the first one. Suppose, for active muscle growth, you need 3000 calories per day, and your stomach takes only 2000. By the way, this is not so rare in our world. Assimilation of food largely depends on the state of the nervous system, well, we all live under a storm of stress.

According to statistics, only one in ten people has a healthy nervous system, and all others suffer from various disorders, such as poor sleep or reduced appetite. It is enough to add 3-4 sachets of substitute to the daily ration, so that the total caloric content of the diet rises to normal, and the power results began to grow. Adding one or two liquid cocktails is painless for the stomach. You are not waiting for any symptoms of overeating, like increased gas formation, abdominal pain, heaviness in the stomach, and even more so vomiting.

Another problem is compliance with dietary restrictions. Well, any of us have the patience to calculate calories daily, to measure by grams the intake of fats, proteins and carbohydrates? Power substitutes easily solve this problem. You can apply a power substitute for breakfast, lunch and mid-afternoon snack. In the evening, you can prepare yourself something natural, knowing in advance that do not overdo it with fats and carbohydrates.

supplements in bodybuilding

If you go to workouts at the end of the day, you can not do without substitutes for food. The last meal you probably had until three o’clock in the afternoon, and in the hall you come to seven. There is a long break in nutrition with all the bad consequences, such as a drop in blood sugar, a decrease in pressure and a bad mood.

For half an hour or an hour before training, you need to knock over a cocktail from the substitute, and then drink the same cocktail right after the workout. Somewhere in an hour you will be at home and will be able to fully dine. Otherwise, you will train on an empty stomach, but worst of all, that after training your muscles will also be on a starvation diet.

Getting home with an empty stomach, you will miss that same hour “window”, when tired muscles with special desire absorb nutrients. In other words, if you are an amateur who trains after work, power substitutes are just as necessary an accessory of your sports bag as well as sneakers. For the sake of improving the efficiency of the substitute after training, it is worth adding amino acid glutamine and a little creatine.

This is the most important amino acid for a bodybuilder. In the muscles of this amino acid is more than the rest combined. By the action of loads glutamine is washed out of muscles in huge quantities. However, losses are quickly restored. By itself, this amino acid is not deficient. It is a lot in everyday food products, besides the body can synthesize it. Another thing is that this amino acid is never superfluous. The more it is in the muscles, the better. To our happiness, muscle cells can “absorb” glutamine over the natural limit. So every day you should take up to 8-20 grams of glutamine in powder or capsules.

Glutamine reduces muscle loss in conditions of training stress. This means that glutamine should be taken at peak loads. According to the pros, at the end of the “mass-harvest” cycle, glutamine should be loaded twice a day – up to 10 grams at a time.

It happens that training does not go in any way, in addition, muscle mass is reduced, power falls, overall health worsens. This condition is called overtraining. Formally, its cause is an excess of physical exertion, but the mechanism of “disease” itself has not been clear to date. That is why no “medicine” has been found. Today, scientists are beginning to come to grips with the mystery.

It seems that the blame for everything is an acute shortage of glutamine in the body. Under the influence of loads, the body rapidly loses glutamine and does not have time to fill the lost. The worst thing is that glutamine is the main “fuel” of our immunity. If the body lacks glutamine, the immunity drops sharply, and even a simple rhinitis becomes deadly.

The hypothesis of scientists is confirmed by the fact that known cases of deaths from overtraining one to one resemble the picture of AIDS death. Lovers are unlikely to face this, nevertheless, glutamine should be taken at least for the purposes of household immunity insurance. The fact is that the natural decline in glutamine reserves during the training can be superimposed on life stresses, and the recovery of glutamine will slow down. From here one step up to a decrease in immunity. You will become vulnerable to the most trivial adversities like fungi.