Sports nutrition for rapid metabolism

It is very important for bodybuilders to keep track of body weight. In order to get into shape, many professionals and amateurs use sports supplements to accelerate metabolism. The rapid metabolism allows you to get rid of excess fat deposits, improve the condition of the cardiovascular system, make training more effective.

The metabolic rate can be different. The higher the physical activity, the faster chemical reactions take place. When the load decreases, the metabolism tends to slow down. If the body is dominated by assimilation, there is an increase in its mass. With an increase in the proportion of dissimilation, the body weight decreases.

Sometimes a simplified concept of metabolism is used. This is convenient when it comes to the training process. Slow metabolism is perceived as not enough fast and effective transformation of substances coming from food, accelerated metabolism – as an optimal ratio between food intake and energy production.

If you consider food as fuel, rapid metabolism is good for the athlete: it allows you to squeeze the maximum energy out of available resources. The acceleration of metabolism can improve the strength and speed, provides a much faster recovery after the load and amino acids in bodybuilding prevents excessive fat deposition, because the energy is instantly consumed. This is especially important in the period of responsible competitions.

Nevertheless, it is worth considering that excessive stimulation of metabolism can lead to accelerated aging of the body, so before taking sports nutrition it is important to consult a doctor. The constitution of an athlete also matters: there are people who quickly and successfully gain muscle mass, and there are bodybuilders who are difficult to build weight. The second group, as a rule, does not need to further accelerate the metabolic processes. By regulating the metabolic rate, many professional athletes skillfully adjust their condition to enter the competition in peak form. Natural stimulants, with rare exceptions, are not included in the list of doping, so that their application does not violate ethical principles. In this case, preparations based on green tea, guarana, mate and other components should not be used continuously. It is better to stick to schemes.

sports nutrition for rapid metabolism

In order to know how to accelerate the metabolism in the body you need to understand the reasons for it slowing down:

1. Lack of physical activity for the body. If you do not engage in physical education, and even lead a sedentary lifestyle, then with a good caloric intake, there is accumulation of fat and a gradual decrease in the mass of muscles that are not particularly used.

2. Not systematic feeding, skipping meals. Under such a regime, the protective reaction of the body will be an economical relationship to the use of energy, that is, to a slowing of metabolism.

3. The same happens with a low-calorie diet. The body saves energy, slowing metabolism.

4. Consumption of alcohol, especially in high doses. Not only that each gram of alcohol has 6 unnecessary calories, so also to neutralize it in the body the liver works, distracting from the pressing problems. The rate of metabolism decreases.

And now let’s see how to accelerate metabolism in the body in many ways:

  • Aerobic work (training with weights) and anaerobic (for example, running at an average pace).
  • Frequent and fractional meals. That is, meals should be in a few hours, but in small portions. In this case, there is no excess to be deposited in the form of fat.
  • Protein in the diet. As a rule, the diet does not get the protein component for an excess of fat or carbohydrates. In the diet of proteins should be about twice as large as fat and half as much as carbohydrates. Protein food slightly increases the metabolism.
  • The need to reduce the intake of saturated animal fats. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to the restriction of visiting fast food establishments, the food in which is simply overloaded with them.
  • Normal breakfast in the morning. If there is no appetite, we take a solution of a small portion of whey protein (30-35 g). This will force the metabolism to disperse and awaken the appetite.
  • Minerals and vitamins. These substances, as a rule, are not enough for a modern person. Therefore, if there is a lack of fresh vegetables and fruits, we turn our attention to multivitamin complexes.
  • Use of seasonings for meat and fish dishes. Pepper, the mustard which spices the food slightly increase the metabolism.
  • Consumption of green tea, which contains antioxidants, which improve metabolic processes.
  • Sleep in a well-ventilated, cool area. A cool stay environment affects the acceleration of metabolism.
  • Visiting a sauna or a sauna. The rise in temperature also affects the metabolic rate.

Liana, whose fruits resemble human eyes, has long been known to the Indians who lived in Brazil. From the crushed fruits, guarana were prepared a tonic drink, which allowed for several hours to increase strength and endurance. The invigorating effect of guarana is the result of the action of caffeine, which in the fruit of the vine contains twice as much as in the coffee beans. In bodybuilding, guarana is used to accelerate metabolism, burn fat, and increase stamina and performance. Theophylline and theobromine, part of guarana, stimulate the central nervous system. However, you should be careful: take supplements with guarana only in the morning, to exclude the appearance of insomnia. Those who have a predisposition to increase blood pressure,