The best sports supplements for muscle growth

A lot of athletes and coaches make ratings of those or other sports supplements. Today we will make our rating and talk about additives for muscle mass collection, we will give them a simple classification and divide into logical groups, depending on the needs of the application. One group will be responsible for a particular task that it solves. This is for clarity and accessibility, so that you can decide according to your goals and needs, what to buy, and what is not.

Sports supplements for muscle growth we divided into the following groups:

  •     The additives act as an additional power supply
  •     Recovery and energy
  •     Supplements for general energy, tonus and stimulation of the nervous system
  •     Supplements-stimulators to increase your own hormones

If you do not have a question about the shortage of caloric content, when there is time for 5-7 meals and these products are enough for your goal – a set of mass, these supplements are not particularly needed. When you lack protein or carbohydrates, lack nutrients and you do not go for a given total caloric content, then these supplements are for you, because their task is to increase the calorie content of the daily diet.

But it is worth noting that sports nutrition can be only up to 30% of the total caloric intake of the daily diet. The rest is healthy and natural food. You should carefully approach the sports supplements in bodybuilding and understand what you need. If there is little in the menu of proteins – buy protein , when in short supply of protein and carbohydrates – you need a geyner . For a snack on the road – the protein bars are the most.

Such additives are considered to be creatine with glutamine, as well as BCAA, all sorts of vitamin complexes, minerals and omega-3 fats. This list of additives can be used by all athletes, because their function is to quickly restore your muscles after training. And we know that, being swayed in natures, we, oh, need rehabilitation processes.

Particularly useful will be sports supplements for muscle growth during active high-intensity workouts, in particular BCAA, as a muscle fiber recovery stimulator and a source of energy in the supplements for muscle growthgym. Do not forget about creatine, which gives strength and endurance, is a powerful source of energy for the muscles. In other words, these supplements give us the opportunity to press more, crouch with large weights , accelerate the recovery processes. As a result, muscles grow faster.

The most frequent product on the market with the presence of all adaptogens is a pre-training complex. There are included components that are designed to increase the overall energy, endurance, create motivation, make training intensive, more voluminous and favorably affect the recovery processes.

Predtrenki usually I use in a period of weight loss, drying, when the body lacks energy because of diets and restricting the consumption of carbohydrates. In the mass collection of their application is not that not recommended, but not very effective in terms of meaning, waste of money. It’s better to spend money on protein or a geyner, for example.

And finally, the most controversial sports supplements for muscle growth, whose effectiveness has been repeatedly questioned. After all, there are many opinions about such stimulants. Some praise to the skies, others openly refuse and neglect to use, considering it meaningless and useless. So, where, really?

First, these additives include stimulators for the production of their own testosterone (tribulus) and growth hormone (arginine, peptides). Some of the additives are really working, and stimulate the production of hormones, the effect exists and it is scientifically proven, experimentally. But he is not so impressive and meaningful, in this, that’s the whole reason.

An individual feature of a person plays an important role. If a man initially low level of testosterone, then the additive will give a tangible effect, increase strength, weight and so on. For athletes who have a hormone at a good and fairly high level, the supplement will be of little use, and the effect is not so pronounced. Try this group of sports supplements for muscle growth possible, but the cosmic effect should not be expected.