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Ultima NPP 150 by Ultima Pharmaceuticals (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate): Make a goal for yourself

Ultima Pharmaceuticals’ Ultima NPP 150 is a well-known and commonly seen Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) preparation. It was developed to be a versatile Nandrolone product, and in fact it has been used for both bulking and cutting.

Because of this flexibility, many athletes will see great results from one NPP 150 cycle.

Description of Ultima NPP 150

Ultima NPP 150 is a long-acting injectable steroid which promotes protein synthesis and possesses excellent anabolic and mild androgenic properties.

The active life of NPP 150 is approximately 10 days.

Since it’s mostly released as a depot form, you need to inject Ultima NPP 150 two times per week, if you want to keep blood level stable.

What is the best stack for Ultima NPP 150?

If you want to run it more efficiently then combine with Testosterone Propionate or Testosterone Cypionate (50-100mg per day of each) and start taking antiestrogens like Nolvadex on the first day of your cycle and keep running it throughout your entire cycle period.

If you don’t use antiestrogen during PCT then there’s a good chance that nandrolone won’t give any benefits after all because your natural testosterone production will be shut down.

This combination will also help you to keep gains after PCT as good as possible because nandrolone doesn’t aromatize much unlike testosterone.

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What type of Ultima NPP 150 dosage should I take?

For beginners a good starting point would be 100mg per week the first time around. For more advanced users 200-300mg per week is considered right dose for most people.

Nandrolone does aromatize to some degree so you will need antiestrogens on hand before you start your cycle with Ultima NPP 150.

Also, during the PCT period it’s highly recommended that you start stacking Arimidex or Aromasin immediately after your last injection of this steroid. It wouldn’t be bad idea if you have some Deca 200/400 on hand because they actually work well together in most cases.

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NPP 150 is one of the safest steroids available right now and it does aromatize to some degree so there’s no point in doing your cycle without antiestrogens.

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How should I take Ultima Pharmaceuticals’ Ultima NPP 150?

Most users will inject twice per week (on non-training days) because it has a long active life and provides high blood plasma levels for almost two weeks.

If you want blood plasma levels to stay steady, then you need to inject every 5 days or even less frequently like once every 3-4 days if you can keep up with this schedule.

A good choice would be 100mg every other day which should do just fine during moderate steroid cycles. For more advanced users, 200-300mg per week is considered right dosage for all Nandrolones including Ultima NPP 150.

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Side effects of Ultima Pharmaceuticals’ Ultima NPP 150

According to product review, most common side effects are blood pressure related such as water retention and high blood pressure which can be easily eliminated by using Aromatase Inhibitors.

If you have some experience with nandrolones then you should already know that they are quite harsh on your joints so if you have some preexisting joint problems stay away from them because they will only get worst. Learn more about Ultima Enanthate 400

How long should you take Ultima Pharmaceuticals’ Ultima NPP 150?

An 8–10-week cycle is a must when using Nandrolones compared to Testosterone based steroids where you can safely cut it short to 6 weeks.

If your total cycle plan is 10 weeks, then it’s the best idea to inject every 5 days because that way you will keep steady blood plasma levels throughout the whole cycle.

It should be more than enough for someone who’s used to superdrol or drol cycles so don’t be afraid of its side effects if you have good health and joints. Typical NPP 150 cycles would start with 100mg per week during first 2-3 weeks and continue with 200-300mg per week for next 2-4 weeks depending on your experience and response.

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Ultima NPP 150 (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) product review:

1.    Harry Jet (July 2, 2021): I’m on my 4th cycle now with Ultima NPP 150 and it keeps getting better every time I run it. It’s my second favorite drug after Testosterone Propionate which is by far the best steroid ever made in history of steroids.

2.    Jason Black (July3, 2021): Ultima NPP 150 is one of the best anabolics on market right now and if we take into consideration! I would say that it’s very safe steroid to use.

3.    Mike Guns (July 20, 2021): Ultima NPP 150 is my favorite nandrolone based steroid because it’s not harsh at all even in higher dosages. For me 300mg per week is perfect but everyone is different so start with lower dosages and work your way up. It won’t take long until you are ready to push it further because NPP 150 is highly anabolic and well tolerated steroid even at high dosage levels.

4.    Lim Edmar (July 29, 2021): I’m not really into bulking but that doesn’t mean that Ultima NPP 150 can’t be used for cutting cycles. For experienced users 100mg per week will do just fine during cutting phases but novices will need at least 200-300mg per week to see any noticeable results in terms of size or strength gain.

5.    Vill101 (August 1, 2021): Personally I have mixed feelings about all nandrolone based steroids because they are just too harsh on my joints and I feel them while doing even lightest exercises. Ultima NPP 150 is one of the best out there but it won’t be enough to satisfy powerlifters or athletes who need serious joint support for heavy lifting.

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6.    Santiago S. (August 12, 2021): Without any doubts 100mg per week is perfect for me plus I always stack it with Testosterone Propionate which makes its effects so much better in every aspect. If you want pure lean muscle mass then stack Ultima NPP 150 with some mild anabolic such as Deca Durabolin and your cutting cycle will be a hit among gym members.

7.    HunkIsMyName (August 25, 2021): Ultima NPP 150 is perfect for beginners who are not yet familiar with bodybuilding world so if you can afford it, I highly recommend this steroid.

8.    Edward (September 7, 2021): If you want to try something new then Ultima NPP 150 might be the best choice ever because it’s well-tolerated and powerful at the same time. The dosage doesn’t matter that much but 200-300mg per week will do just fine in most cases.

9.    Hadjii (September 6, 2021): I would say that it’s a must use steroid for fitness competitors who want to be shredded while looking hard and defined at the same time.

10. Robert Down (September 11, 2021): Don’t think about anything else and just go for Ultima NPP 150 because there is no better product on market right now! You will see best results in shortest possible time with 300mg per week!

You are in the right place with us!

Ultima NPP 150 is one of the best injectable anabolic steroids on market right now. It’s perfect for beginners because it has mild side effects and powerful results in terms of gains.

It’s also good for experienced users who need solid bulking phase without any considerable water retention or estrogenic side effects. It combines both benefits which makes it perfect for men and women even at high dosages.

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