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Zumba: than dance fitness is better than usual

Forget about the boring, exhausting workouts and enjoy physical activity under the life-affirming Latin American rhythms. Learn what zumba and fitness in dance, why is it popular in 185 countries of the world?

How forced improvisation turned into a mass movement

In the early 90s, this fitness program was developed by Colombian “star” instructor Beto Perez. It is based on a combination of sports and dance movements. All trainings are held in the spirit of a party – to the rhythmic music. As a rule, it is incendiary Latin American music with Arabic motifs and hip-hop elements.

The fitness program was born spontaneously when Beto Perez came to training without the usual music. He forgot to use the cassette used at aerobics classes at home, so I had to put my favorite records in my tape recorder in my backpack: Latin salsa and merengue. This event was a turning point in the life of Beto: during training, the rhythms were awakened in Perez dancer. As a result – a symbiosis of aerobics, belly dancing, salsa, samba, reggaeton and tango.


what is zumba fitness


In 2000, in Miami, Peres opened the first school for zumba instructors. Later, businessmen Aghion and Perlman became interested in the project. At the beginning of the 2000s, companions registered zumba as a brand. The idea of ​​accessibility, which was followed by businessmen, soon bore fruit. Through DVDs and interactive classes, anyone could master simple and at the same time effective movements in a matter of days. All the necessary video and audio materials, as well as branded clothing and shoes for training, can be ordered on the official website of the company. To become a Zumba fitness instructor, it is enough to complete two-day courses and receive the appropriate certificate.

What is good ZUMBA?

A standard zumba session lasts 45–60 minutes. Its compulsory stages are: warm-up, learning new ones and repeating old movements, dancing, relaxing with stretching. During the workout alternate slow and fast rhythms. The load of varying degrees of intensity helps to actively burn fat and strengthen muscles. In zumba, as in most cardio programs, the end result depends on the frequency of training. To keep muscles in shape, fitness instructors advise you to practice three times a week. If the ultimate goal – the formation of muscles, zumba need to alternate with strength training.

Advantages of the program:

  • It is accessible to all, including people with low levels of physical fitness, children, old people.
  • Rhythmic music energizes, uplifting. Thanks to her, training ceases to be an exhausting, heavy burden.
  • With zumba, it is easy to keep yourself in good physical shape, because extra calories are burned up cheerfully and inconspicuously.
  • The element of improvisation is not alien to the fashionable direction in fitness, although there are still basic exercises.
  • The program is effective for weight loss, because in one workout 700 to 900 calories are burned.

Varieties of the program

There are two basic exercises in ZUMBABeginners are first taught the key movements of Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa and Reggaeton. A sophisticated version of the program includes four more rhythms: samba, tango, bellydance and flamenco.


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In addition to the base, there are also specialized areas, developed taking into account the characteristics of different age groups. For example, the Kids Junior program includes movements available to kids 4–6 years old. Older children (up to 11 years old) are focused on the Zumba Kids course. Beto Perez holds the position that it’s never too late to do dance fitness. For older students, the instructor developed the Zumba Gold program.

A variety of techniques in dance fitness affects:

  • “Aqua Zumba” is a classic training in the water, and the atmosphere resembles a party in the pool. This program is recommended for pregnant women, people with a lot of excess weight, problems of the musculoskeletal system.
  • “Interval Zumba” – half-hour intensive exercises for fast weight loss to the rhythms of “Latina”. At the core – a combination of circuit training and dance movements.
  • “Zumba Sentao” is, in fact, a dance with a chair. The use of support in the exercise process allows you to improve coordination and strengthen muscles, increases stamina.
  • “Zumba Step” – another fat burning program, but with elements of step aerobics. The purpose of training is to improve the shape of the buttocks, hips, legs, tighten the abdomen.
  • “Zumba Tonin” is a combination of dance and power movements, selected in such a way that all muscle groups are involved in the exercise. The course is designed for those who want to lose weight quickly, adjust the figure. During training, sports equipment is actively used: dumbbells, sticks, step platforms.

Basic exercises

It is easy to learn zumba – it is enough to master the basic movements. So, one of the main steps of the merengue is marching, but not army, but with swaying hips from side to side. Imagine that you crush the grapes. Having mastered the rhythmic walking, complicate the movement: alternately put your hands on your hips, shoulders, straighten them up, spread to the sides. There is another option to diversify walking. Arms bent in front of him so that the forearms lay horizontally at chest level. Next, press your elbows to the body. Keep the forearm parallel to the body. Then the arms are straightened up again and moved apart.

The next movement is to walk by stepping left and right. Take two steps at first in one direction, then the same in the other. Thighs when walking, as in the first case, it is necessary to swing. To move to the beat it was easier to keep arms bent at the elbows around the lower part of the body. When master the dance step step, move to a new level of complexity. While walking, place your hands on your hips and shoulders, and then straighten your upper limbs above your head, push them to the sides.

The basic exercises zumby include steps with claps. Assume the initial position – legs together, arms lowered. Take a step to the right and clap your hands. Attach the left foot to the right. Cotton. One more step to the right. Cotton. Put your foot. Cotton. Now repeat the same movement, but to the left. Be sure to smile during all the exercises. Keep your head straight.


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Now you can proceed to the execution of the original movement of the merengue – “beto shuffle”. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, keep your body straight, and put your hands behind your back. Imagine that you are skating, pulling the body in the direction of the left, then the right shoulder. The heel of the leg that is straightening at the moment should come off the floor, and the toe should be rotated. Set the rhythm of the body, feel how the obliques work. Strengthen the effect by making a wave with your hands one way or the other. So you’re working on your biceps and triceps. To increase the load on the thighs and buttocks, bend your knees and make the stand below.

Is it possible to do all zumba fitness? There are no age restrictions for occupations, as already mentioned, but there are medical contraindications. Intensive training is not suitable for people with heart disease and high blood pressure, chronic diseases of bones and joints, neurological disorders.